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NNEMP Simulator

(Non Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse Simulator)

NNEMP simulator is the non-nuclear EMP test system that can assess the vulnerability of electronic device to malicious and
intentional high-power electromagnetic interference.
It can be employed for conducting radiation immunity tests on electronic devices against
IEMI(intentional electromagnetic interference) or HPEM(high-power electromagnetic) in accordance
with the IEC 61000-4-36 standards.

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  • DS NNEMP Simulator

    (Damped Sinusoidal NNEMP Simulator)

    IEC61000-4-36 Test Equipment

    Damped Sinusoidal type E-field Generation

    E-field Center Frequency : 80~500MHz

    Far Voltage : 120kV(12kV/m@10m)

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  • UWB NNEMP Simulator

    (Ultra Wideband NNEMP Simulator)

    IEC61000-4-36 Test Equipment

    Bipolar Pulse type E-field Generation

    E-field Bandwidth : 200MHz~2GHz

    Far Voltage : 60kV(6kV/m@10m)