PRODUCT EMP Solution / GPS Solution / Test Solution


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  • Positioning system in tunnel

    Location can be received from existing GPS receivers such as
    smartphones and navigation devices

    Location services available through Google Maps, commercial
    location service apps, and indoor map software

    Same location/time service available inside and outside the tunnel
    with GPS time synchronization

    Position error can be adjusted through output variable function
    (possible within tens of meters)

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  • Positioning system in mine

    GPS-based location system that can be used both outdoors and
    inside mines

    The location of mining equipment and workers can be identified in
    real time using just a smartphone without a separate receiver, and
    efficient control is possible by linking with the existing
    management system

    Compared to existing Wi-Fi-based systems, location accuracy is
    higher (within 20m) and can be linked to mobile communication
    networks using synchronization signals.

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  • Location system in case of disaster

    Used for indoor positioning using GPS

    Location services using indoor maps are possible in large-scale
    indoor facilities such as underground and COEX

    You can check your location and floor level in emergency
    situations such as disasters and violent crimes

    Position error can be adjusted through output power
    variable function (possible within tens of meters)

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  • Underground traffic control system

    Providing location services using GPS to cutting-edge
    transportation infrastructure such as large-scale underground
    transfer centers

    As railway stations, bus transfer centers, and airport terminals
    are concentrated in one place due to various undergrounding
    projects in the city, a real-time traffic control system is needed

    Location information using GPS can minimize traffic congestion
    due to stops, turns, and stops.

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  • Underground utility tunnel
    management system

    Urban infrastructure to jointly accommodate and manage facilities
    such as power, communication, water, and heating is operated
    in the form of an underground tunnel

    Since various accidents, such as fire and flooding, can occur in
    underground public tunnels, an effective management system
    based on location is necessary

    Management and safety can be secured by providing location
    services for major facilities and workers using GPS.