REPLEX is the world’s leading company specializing in high power electromagnetic
pulse generation technology and GPS application technology
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Welcome to REPLEX website.
REPLEX is a technology-oriented company that has top-tier EMP/GPS generation
technology in Korea with 20 years of experience and know-how.

REPLEX provides EMP standard test equipment and EMP GUN products based on EMP
generation technology. EMP standard test equipment supports the safety of information
and communication devices and infrastructure. EMP GUN products support advanced
defense technology to disable illegal electronic devices. REPLEX is the only company in Korea
that offers various EMP generators and boasts the best technology in related fields worldwide.

The GPS generation technology aims to continuously provide various services by generating
GPS signals in an environment where GPS signals from satellites can not reached.
Typically, location services can be provided by GPS generation technology in GPS shaded areas such
as tunnels or underground facilities.
And GPS spoofing services can be provided against illegal attacks of mobile objects through
the generation of virtual GPS sign. REPLEX plans to focus on developing more intelligent
GPS generation devices by combining artificial intelligence technology.

We will do our best continuously to develop technology and provide products for social
contribution as a specialized company.

Thank you.