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RF jamming and GPS spoofing systems can disrupt the drone's RF control signal, blocking the transmission and reception of control signals and
video signals, and can disturb the normal flight of the drone and guide it to a specific location by deceiving GPS location information.

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  • RF Jammer & GPS Spoofer

    RF Jamming : ISM 433MHz, 915MHz, 2.4GHz, 5.8GHz

    Spoofing target: GPS 1575.42MHz, GLONASS 1602MHz

    Block Drone’s control and video signal

    Jamming frequency selective operating available

    Provide control program through network

    Realization of mis-flight and geo-fence through deception of
    drone’s location Maximizing deception performance by
    applying real GPS information

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  • Hellosat-S3000 (GNSS Spoofer)

    Drone-ready GNSS (GPS/GLONASS) spoofer.

    Stop working swarm drones within a 3km radius with 10W power

    GNSS reception blocking and route deception (GPS, GLONASS)

    Maximize deception performance with real-time time synchronization

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  • Hellosat-T3000
    (RF Jammer & GNSS Spoofer)

    When a drone is detected, it immediately radiates a disruption & deception signal within one second

    360-degree defense by applying a high-gain dipole antenna

    Disrupting the controller's signal to cause the drone to stop flying or return

    Blocking video transmission from drones

    GPS route flight blocking and flight path distortion

    Effective defense against omnidirectional attacks using multiple drones.